Mubarak Hijrah Hotel

dollar 99 Night
  • Check In: 8:26 AM.
  • Check Out: 12:47 AM


  • Dora Schroeder
  • Kennan Coffey
  • Desiree Todd
  • Jenna Forbes



The Mubarak Al Hijra Hotel is located in the Holy Capital Makkah within a 20-minute walk of the Grand Mosque.


The Mubarak Emigration Hotel has 605 rooms divided between hotel rooms and suites with a capacity of 2552 beds in the Umrah and Hajj season.

-Additional guest services

There are 12 elevators + 01 elevator services - free internet for all guests throughout the hotel - free covered parking - Haram & Haram transfer service - 24 hour room service - special rooms and services for people with special needs.